Marie Astre

At the early beginning, it happens in the mountains.
A camera stands on a tripod into a static shot. Recording begins ; someone enters into the frame in pulling a tree trunk behind him.
The weight of this charge, the wind, the cold, the landform ; everything is preventing him from getting off-camera.

Into this very simple process which takes place in the performance series Chercher le contact (2012), you can find three basis elements of my present work.
A body moving, activated by an observer gaze, and the environment acting as a unit of measure for the body-camera relationship. The body receives informations from its environment and from the camera, recording its action. These become new images from it - appearing into it - and moving it. Also, a body wouldn’t really be defined in an absolute way but always situated into a specific relation to an other body : animal, human, natural or social.

This migrating body, in constant movement throughout his relationships will be then the focus of my work.
Throught performances, videos and writings, I produce fiction spaces in which I appear. These contexts focus attention inside a frame and are specific points of view from where to deal with representation, appearance, languages and transmission issues.
By placing my body in the center of this process, I can be both object and subject of the experiment. This last turns into a prism multiplying potential answers to following questions :
What does my body products into its environment?
What does it incorporate from the outside, which become new language forms and representation systems ?

These questions, repeated, enable me to peel domination reports above and between bodies (social and physical) but also their intrinsic power of action, inside conditionings building them.

My fascination for movement studies and social sciences occasionally leads me to develop my work beyond specific forms, in a long-term research ponctuated by writings and gatherings.

Marie Astre, 2020 (translated from french)

L'être aux aguets (french version), Marianne Derrien, October 2015

Le corps millénaire (french version), Camille Brée, September 2015