Marie Astre

My work is translated into a series of experiments showing relationship potentials between the body and nature, animal, culture; acting and observing into the world. I build my research through the artistic experience: experienced by artist’s body, performer’s and viewer’s.
I use my body as a prism to develop a wider reflection. In its relationship to nature, to animals, to culture, to art, to the Other, the body is always confronted with something or someone watching it and which it watch back. In this dialogue, we can say that the body confuses ways of seeing and is confused by them. Oscillating between the observative and observed being, between the representative and represented being. Its complexity is based on a duality; it’s at the same time a volume - against which the vision collides, against which we can “bump” - but also a surface - endowed with full and hollows, inside which we can enter, leave, cross and be crossed by. This surface, imaginative and pictorial, always removes the body into a representation.
It creates contexts in which it splits. And the cission between the stage and the world, between the body and its image, between the actor and the spectator, isn’t obvious.
Also, my work tries to worry the body in the same way that this one worries the seeing. Through performance and writings, I seek to get closer to a body without images, without beliefs, without superstitions, without spectators and without spectacles. Not in erasing them, but in being capable to isolate the body from them.
By distancing it from all representation’s forms, all links with images, I try to reveal its intrinsic power. This attempt works as a reappropriation form and approaches the body as the first potential instrument of uprising.

Marie Astre, 2018

L'être aux aguets, Marianne Derrien, October 2015

Le corps millénaire, Camille Brée, September 2015