Marie Astre

Born in 1992, Marie Astre lives and works in Paris suburbs. Graduated from Fine Art School of Clermont-Ferrand (France), she since develop a reflection on the body issues, throught writings and filmed performances practice.

Her work swaies between some long-term researches and specific art projects. She blends personal or intimate experiences into it, that she uses as vectors to question her body appearance, languages and performativity.
For example her residencies into the Hopi indian reservation (2014 and 2017), several jobs as a performer for other artists and choregraphers (like Tino Seghal), or her learning of equestrian ethology methods for about ten years.

Recently, her work has been presented in various spaces in Paris and Bordeaux, especially in Bordeaux’s Metropolitan Archives, during a series of exhibitions curated by artist collective Groep (2019).

Currently, she is part of the residency program Création en cours founded by Ateliers Médicis (France) and she is invited by artist-researcher Marine Lahaix to a seminar about equestrian practices into contemporary arts in May, 2020.

(translated from french)